The Mill Pond Acres Jitney is available to residents from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays, excluding holidays.

The Jitney will stop anywhere within its designated route as requested by residents, but will not deviate from its set route.

Call Mark at least 30 minutes before the time you want to be picked up at 516-472-7004. He will arrange for the Jitney driver to pick you up.

This route starts at Mill Pond Acres, then:

  • Right turn on Harbor Road to Shore Road
  • Right turn on Shore Road to Manorhaven Boulevard
  • Then back on Shore Road to Main Street
  • Left on Main Street to Port Washington Boulevard
  • Port Washington Boulevard to Harbor Road
  • Left on Harbor Road at Sands Point Nursing Home
  • Then back to Mill Pond Acres

By request the Jitney will stop at:

  • Vanderventer Avenue
  • Medical building on Vanderventer Avenue
  • Port Washington Public library
  • Port Washington LIRR station
  • Port Washington Adult Activities Center
  • Port Washington Post Office
  • Stop and Shop