Mill Pond Acres Floor Plans

There are 144 two-story townhouses and 106 single-floor condominiums within the Mill Pond Acres community. The Townhouse Floor Plans are configured with either 3 or 4 total bedrooms. All have the master bedroom on the first floor. Most townhouses have a single-car garage; however, the New Englander 3-bedroom model has a 2-car garage.

The Single Floor Condominiums (The Vineyards): Both of the single floor models, upstairs and downstairs, have 2 bedrooms. The second-floor model has some additional space that can be used as a study or home office.

The floor plans presented here should only be used as a guide. Over the years, many homeowners have remodeled and made changes to the original plan. As a result, there may be differences in the unit you are looking at.

Townhouse Floor Plans

Nantucket Townhouse - 3 bedroom / 1 car garage

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Nantucket Townhouse - 4 bedroom / 1 car garage

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New Englander - 3 Bedroom, 2-car garage

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The Vineyards Floor Plans

Vineyard - 1st & 2nd Floors

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